One day we received a letter in the mail saying that our county would no longer be recycling plastics. The general public was confused about which types of plastics can and can’t be recycled at our local transfer station, leading to non-recyclable plastics clogging the sorting machine. So they just weren’t going to recycle any plastic at all.

This news made us wonder why there wasn’t more education being put out (we’d certainly never heard anything) rather than just giving up on recycling plastics entirely.

Now, we’re definitely not green living/recycling/sustainability experts, and we didn’t know what to do when we learned about the end of plastics recycling in our community. Would we just have to throw every piece of plastic away? At first, we felt so disheartened and helpless.

And then we got inspired: if we couldn’t look to our local government or community resources for better education and facilitation when it comes to recycling, then we’d just have to educate ourselves. And why not share what we learn in hopes that it helps someone else to live more sustainably, too?

Our hope is that on this site you find some useful information that helps you in your quest for greater sustainability, and that through doing the best we can individually we can all become better inhabitants.